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Freestyle Opening

Congrats to the Freestyle Class of 2014

Academy of Art SF
  • Peter Salcido will study Multimedia Communications
American University
  • Rachel Uyeda will study Political Science and Women's Studies
Berklee College of Music
  • Ryan Rosh will study Music Performance and Music Business
Biola University
  • Daniel Wilson will study Computer Science with a Scholarship = $8,500/year
Boston University
  • Juan Nava will study Communications
Cal Poly Pomona
  • Chiara Neyman will study Music Industry Studies
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Annamari Jaaksi will study Graphic Design and Computer Science
  • Audrey Gerughty will study Graphic Design with a Scholarship = $8,000
  • Daniel Kammerer will study Graphic Design
  • Hope Moseley will study Graphic Design with a Scholarship = $1,000
  • Sheila Ahi will study Graphic Communications
California State Univeristy Chico
  • Gilles Laurent will study Graphic Design

Carroll College

  • Elizabeth Miotke will study Nursing

Chapman University

  • Christopher Thiem will study Economics

Cogswell Polytechnical College

  • Cindy Nguyen will study Digital Arts Engineering with a Scholarship = $1,500/year

College of Wooster

  • Matthew Shearer will study Communications and Photography with a Scholarship = $80,000

De Anza College

  • Alan Enecial will study Civil Engineering
  • Mia Montanez will study Photography
  • Zhi Yang will study Computer Science

DePaul University

  • William Scheetz will study Business with a Scholarship = $17,000

Elvebakken VGS, Norway

  • Henrik Berner will be starting a Film Production company

Emerson College

  • Emma Orner will study Screenwriting and Film Production with a Scholarship = $8,000
  • Jacob Kidd will study Film

Evergreen State University

  • Indigo Washington will study Film with a Scholarship = $3,500

Foothill College

  • David Smith will study Psychology and Music Production
  • Ean Pollock will study Biology
  • Emily Markman will study Scientific Illustration/Paleo Artist
  • Justin Walker will study Computer Science
  • Marissa Jakubowski will study Nursing
  • Nicolas Fricker will study something
  • Stephen Adams will study something

Loyola Marymount University

  • Kevin Chan will study Multimedia Arts and Animation with a Scholarship = $8,000

Manila Tytana, Philippines

  • Austin Sarinas will study Nursing 

Montana State University

  • David Courter will study Cell Biology and Neuroscience with a Scholarship = $12,000/year

New York University

  • Gabrielle Makower will study Film and Television

Rhode Island School of Design

  • Fiona Stolorz will study Graphic Design with a Scholarship = $18,000

San Francisco State University

  • Nava Motamedi will study Cinema

San Jose State University

  • Matthew Ford will study Business and Computer Science

Simon Fraser University

  • Joseph Pressman will study something

Soka University of America

  • Lora Maslenitsyna will study International Studies

University of British Columbia

  • Katherine Higgins will study Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Studies with a Scholarship = $4,000

University of California Davis

  • Adam Poltorak will study Bio Systems Engineering
  • Cameron Fukuyama will study Physics

University of California Santa Barbara

  • Helena Steffens will study Psychology and Economics

University of California Santa Cruz

  • Kaye Yap will study Film, Media Studies, Communications or Psychology

University of Idaho

  • Alex Stuwe will study something

University of Michigan

  • Sanjana Pandit will study Art and Design

University of Oregon

  • Drew Russert will study Digital Arts with a Scholarship = $1,000
  • Isabella Graziani will study Digital Arts
  • Justin Hartney will study Film and Photography with a Scholarship = $32,000

University of Puget Sound

  • Jordan Albert will study Psychology

University of Southern California

  • Haley Jones will study Critical Studies in the School of Cinematic Arts
  • Nicole Falsetti will study Film Production and Critical Studies
  • Paige Eller will study Art and Design
  • Parker Malachowsky will study Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation

University of the Pacific

  • Kiran Kothuri will study Dentistry with a Scholarship = $8,000/year

University of Washington

  • Collin Frietzsche will study Engineering
  • Elizabeth Halliday will study Drama and International Relations

Willamette University

  • Jacob Behar will study Art/Graphic Design with a Scholarship = $19,000/year
  • Taylor Houston will study Psychology with a Scholarship = $31,000/year

Yale University

  • Christopher Lanman will study History with a Scholarship = $2,500


  • Drianne Pantoja will study Health/Human Sciences somewhere

Freestyle Awards

Freestyle Award for Excellence:

Annamari Jaaksi

Freestyle Award for Advancement
& Freestyle Academy Student of the Year:

Hope Moseley

Senior Superlatives


as voted on by Freestyle Seniors

  • Nate Becker Award: Parker Malachowski
  • Most Sarcastic: 4-way tie - Ray Uyeda, Cameron Fukuyama, Emma Orner, Alex Stuwe
  • Sassiest: Ray Uyeda and Chiara Neyman
  • Most Inspirational: Parker Malachowski
  • Best Dressed: Parker Malachowski
  • Best Hair: Henrik Berner
  • Most Likely to Start a Riot: Ryan Rosh
  • Ping Pong MVP: Chiara Neyman
  • Best Rhinoceros Character Voice: Cameron Fukuyama
  • Best Rhinoceros Noise: Alex Stuwe
  • Most Likely to Park in Front of the Gate: Alex Stuwe
  • Most Likely to Win a Grammy: Chiara Neyman
  • Best Smile: Hope Moseley
  • Most Likely to Lose a Camera Battery: Will Scheetz
  • Most Likely to Try to Turn in an Assignment After Graduation: Ryan Rosh


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