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Spoonful: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Cullen Blanchfield (2016)

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The left side of my diptych shows a spoon with holes, which represents my inability to capture and make use of my creative abilities before attending Freestyle. A spoon has the ability to eat all different kinds of soups or other kinds of foods but if it has holes in it, it makes it a lot harder to achieve the goal of eating. Similar to the spoon, I had holes in myself that made it very difficult for me to capture my true abilities. Before Freestyle it was as if someone complimenting my interesting way of thinking went right through me. On the right, it shows a spoon submerged in a thick, wholesome bowl of stew. This shows the sharp contrast of my artistic abilities over time through my experiences at Freestyle. Now, there’s less holes in my spoon of life, allowing me to scoop whatever creative idea I may have and run with it to create art that I’m proud of.

To create this piece I used a Flo Light to provide contrast and also a tripod to be able to achieve the best outcome of creating and HDR photo. I used the principles of CRAP throughout my art as well. Some challenges I faced were that I forgot which exposure I took a photo of the on the previous shot so I had to restart once. Also, a challenge I faced was showing the steam coming from the bowl of stew. I wanted to be able to create a more dramatic feel to the piece through interesting spoons and soup, and I don’t feel as if I fully captured the dramatic feel I intended without the steam from the soup. Although the rule of thirds is not applied, I felt like a close up shot of each would be a more effective way to portray my insecurities in my artistic abilities. Learning how to create a diptych added depth to my knowledge of Photoshop.
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