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Oh...okay then: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Quinn Beckstead (2016)

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In my Diptych I have two images juxtaposed together. On the left, I have an image of a candle burning in the darkness. It’s placed on a desk and surrounded by a bunch of random belongings. The image itself is very dark and the main focus is on the flame of the candle. The light in the photo mainly comes from the flame and the reflection of the candle’s light on different objects.The right image is a picture of a dress on the floor with a pair of heels right beside it. This image is lighter because the meaning behind the image is supposed to be more hopeful and exciting whereas the previous image was all about anxiety and fear. To accomplish the styles I wanted to create, I took multiple photos of the same subject at different exposures and combined them into one. This is called High Dynamic Range photography. Once having the complete images I made them black and white. After that, I wanted the darks to be really dark for the left image. On the right image, I had a little less freedom to bring out the darks and lights as strong as the left image, not only because of the meaning but because of how the image was shot.

When coming up for what images I wanted to use to represent my personal essay, I thought back to my conceptual image. For that I had two main feelings that I thought of different objects for to convey those feelings. In my essay, I wrote about feelings of having high expectations, but then having anxieties related to those expectations. I then thought of objects to represent that. For high expectations, I thought about actions I do in my life to when I’m excited about something. I thought about packing early for a trip, but ultimately settled on laying out clothes for an upcoming event. Anxiety and isolation was more difficult for to think of because I didn’t want to be cliche. I ended with a candle standing on it’s own. I’m very happy with how my diptych turned out. It means something very personal to me because it’s based off of experiences that I’ve had in my own life.
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