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Evolution: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Ryan Turaids (2016)

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In our own lifetimes we evolve our bodies, our relationships, and our own minds. These two photos represent the evolution of my interests and the evolution they inflicted upon me. I photographed a Paillard Bolex 8 film camera, one that is very special to me. It was gifted by a good friend who writes for television and film, and I am allowed to keep it in my possession as long as I use it. This camera, albeit outdated, still influences my love for film today. I go back to using the old film, I enjoy using it, and it upholds characteristics that its more modern cousins cannot compete with. The computer board opposite the camera represents the evolution of the camera. And in turn, the evolution of my interest and myself. While I have become modernized and understanding, there are certain characteristics of my past and my unrefined work that I can’t recreate.

My compositions were created entirely in photoshop, but when taking the photos with my camera I discovered that different types of light dramatically changed the finished HDR result. While I took the five photos, I changed from my room light to tungsten light and back again, giving the leather more definition and the metal a sleek silver, while it was only showing up white before. Going back I would change the perspective of the camera and the computer board to better juxtapose them with each other, possibly defining each one individually while connecting them even more.
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