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GiverTaker: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Cameron Fitz (2016)

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The premise of my diptych revolves around the aspect of criticism. Being an artist entails that you must be accustomed to criticism. Each side shows a conversation between the giver and receiver of criticism. In my experience, the recipient is always protecting themselves from harsh delivery of the feedback. Whereas the giver, is command and the one in control. I chose these two photos because I felt that they both represented the kinds of people very well. The advice giver is looking upon it victim in a downwards manner which belittles the recipient. The receiver is hidden within bushes to exhibit the vulnerability and unpreparedness of criticism.

To create these compositions my process includes relying heavily on the time of day that I shot. HDR photography is heavily reliant on shadows, so I made sure that I shot later in the afternoon. Once the photography was completed, I chose my two favorite photos and took them into Photoshop. I then merged each of the five photos of each object to give it that HDR look. I proceeded by making the photos black and white. For the rest of the time, I worked on tampering with contrast, which was my biggest issue that I encountered. The contrast didn’t look quite right for one of the photos because there was slight movement when I shot the photos that caused ghosting. In the editing process, when changing the contrast, it made it very clear that I made some mistakes in the shooting process. If I were to change anything, I would like to reshoot the image of the receiver of the criticism so that there would be more shadows and contrast.
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