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Heeling car: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Chingun Erkhembayar (2016)

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For my diptychs, I chose an rc car and a high heel shoe. Rc cars are usually associated with boys, while high heels are associated with grown women. Having those two different objects in one diptych, I was trying to convey the idea of how it’s ok for girls to not be conformed with social norms. I have two sisters and sometimes they play with my toys from when I was a child. I don’t really care what they play with, but preferably not with toys that they can use to smack each other on the heads. My neighbors have kids that come over to play and one of them was shocked and uncomfortable that my sister having cars in her room. My sister has a face that exhibited the greatest look of embarrassment. A look where you could tell that she felt that she did something wrong.. She now has exclusively pink things and dolls that she plays with. It’s a good thing that I have one more sister. I can keep her from falling into that spiral hole of what an ideal girl should be like. I hope that she will grow up and one day see this and think, “Now I see what he was trying to do.” It would most likely be like, “He could have done better.”

My diptych was fairly easy to finish. The photography stage was easy and fun. It got a bit difficult to get good lighting to match each mood. I wanted a happy yet melancholy feel for the rc car, but a full melancholy feel for the high heel. With this you would get a feeling that growing up into a lady wasn’t what she really wanted. If I were to change anything, I would have changed the high heel to match the mood better. Maybe get a one that more of an earthy tone. Overall I am fairly happy with the outcome.
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