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The Road Trip: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Colin Dickerson (2017)

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For my book I took a short story with the summary of: Jason can never keep a job, and he is never able to get out of his brother’s shadow. Luckily, he’s got two best friends: Adrian and Benjamin.. Hitch a ride with the posse on their their annual football road trip across the country. A new beginning awaits… And made a book jacket out of it. After going through a couple of ideas I finally decided what I wanted to do. I really wanted to include the road trip aspect in my book jacket and so using I decided to have my title be on a street sign and my by line be on the license plate.

Using Illustrator I drew my car and road and background and then drew the road sign. Then in inDesign I took the measurements of a book I bought to make a front cover, back cover, flaps and spine of a book. Then I added my Illustrator files and made a the book jacket. I finally printed it out and mounted it on my book.
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