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The Temple: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Cooper Treuhaft (2017)

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In this project we were tasked with designing a book jacket for a short story that we wrote in our english class. My short story was about a mysterious temple in the Amazon Jungle, and in order to try to match the theme of my story, the first creative decision that I made was to use a dark green as the main color for my jacket. I originally used a black font for the text on my book, but this created a problem because it was difficult to read black over a dark green background. To solve this I changed the text to white, which is something I am not very happy with, but I knew that it was for the good of my book jacket. If I were to change one thing about my book jacket, I would change the color of my text because I think the white looks a little tacky. Once I had finished putting my text on the page I decide to create a texture to use as a background for the title. I decided to use low opacity images of trees as my background texture because it gives off a clue as to what my book is about, and I think that is something that is very useful when creating a book jacket. I made a few mistakes before submitting this project, all of which Ms. P helped me fix, this process definitely taught me how to be more meticulous with my work, which is a skill that I am planning on putting to use on later projects. I am proud of this project because I think that my jacket was effective in the sense that a random person could pick up my book and have a good idea about what it was about.
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