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Inside Virtuality: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Eric Garcia (2017)

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Virtuality. The combination of the two words, virtual reality. This is the machine that brings video games to life. The story follows the character Ethan Rivera, his colleague Melanie Serrati, and their boss Chris Stiff, as they travel through different video game worlds to once again be back in normal reality.

The idea for the virtuality machine comes from the Call of Duty Game, Black Ops II Zombies. Specifically, the zombies map, Nuketown. In the loading screen, there is a comic page, which depicts a machine in a crater. What I did was drag a picture into Adobe Illustrator and trace out the machine, and then add lines and arc ‘wires’ to add a bit of depth. To finalize the machine, i layered different Photoshop filters to a second, more transparent layer, which diluted the color and added a texture to the machine. The book jacket itself was composed of gradients, with a picture of a man’s silhouette dissolving as he passed under the Virtuality Machine.
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