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Chickadee: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Eva Figueroa-Piercy (2017)

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Chickadee has spent a long 21 days inside his egg. When it finally comes the time to come out of his shell, he discovers that he’s in a place that looks very different from what Momma described to him and his siblings. What more? No Momma! Luckily, another egg hatches next to him, and out comes his sister, Mosie! Chickadee and Mosie have no clue where they are and are very confused, but one thing is certain: they need to find their way out.

The hardest part about this assignment was choosing the color scheme for my book. I really wanted to have an old folk theme to fit in with the farm setting, but I was also wanting so make a picture book cover similar to the “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” children’s book series. I did some research of old children’s books and I ended up taking most of my inspiration from “Alice in Wonderland”, while also looking at old, fabric covered books. My book references Irish/Celtic folk patterns and uses a gold color to outline designs as if it was pen of fabric. Green ended up being my main color to represent the rural setting, but also was used because green is a relaxing color easy on the eyes and I wanted people to be calm and happy while reading my story.
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