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Paranoia: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Angel Austin (2017)

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During this project I grew because I used skills from last year and incorporated them into my Book Jacket this year. Also I was able to incorporate new techniques that I learned this year. The process of this project was very long and tedious. A few technical problems occurred. For example the applications we used frequently crashed in the middle of creating something. Also I had trouble finding the right font for my title. I was very self critical and over thought a lot of it. Eventually it drove me crazy and I picked a font that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable as well as a little creepy looking. I figured it would work because my book is a horror story. I originally wanted to get a picture of a lake by this ranch that I was filming at for my narrative film project, but we had to change our film location so I couldn’t get the picture and I was running out of time so my Book Jacket cover was a lot more simple and plain than I wanted.

If I could’ve changed anything with this project I wouldn’t want to change anything. I feel like we had free will and range for what we wanted to create. I am most proud of my writing for my story and about the author. I described what I want my life to be like in the future so it made it very fun and easy for me to do. I now know the basics of how to use certain applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I can use these basic skills later on in life for other projects this year and if I ever want to digitally make art for something. This project changed the way I see others art because we had the option of printing on silk paper or matte paper. Both are significantly different and show either the illustrating side or the photography side.
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