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Diner Food: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Hannah Craford (2017)

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A book cover should encompass the emotion and plot of a book without giving away the story or how it ends. For my particular design I wanted something which would remind the reader of a 50s diner. From the red and white colors to the coffee stains it was important for it to have a certain nostalgic yet comforting emotion. In my story coffee plays a role in describing a certain character. By using the coffee stains on the cover it represents this character, without having to depict the character. I think it is important for the reader to imagine what the character looks like all on their own. For the typefaces I wanted to be certain that they held the correct feeling and all worked well together. It is very important for typefaces to compliment each other. I used the background of white parchment paper to keep the design from getting too over complicated. It also added the feeling of added space and distance, something the story plays with. The “logo” on the cover is something I created after looking at vintage diner logos and signs. I wanted it to be an obvious nod towards the 50’s diners, but I also wanted it to be my own. I struggled with the decision on whether or not to add more to the logo. In the end I kept it simple and legible, however there is still part of me that wishes I could have figured out a more intricate design.

Overall I am pleased with my final product. By using the elements of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop I was able to create a piece of art that is pleasing to the eye and also accurately represents my short story.
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