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Paid Reunion: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Ian Baxley (2017)

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For this project we had to create a fake book jacket for a short story we made in English class. The book jacket had to be dimensioned out to fit on a hardback book of our choosing so it could be shown on an actual book. We were also required to incorporate a fake author bio, a summary of our story, and three fake quotes praising our book. All of these things had to be combined with designs for the front and back cover as well as a studio shot picture of ourselves to go with our author bio. For the front cover, I chose to create an image of a classic Boston brownstone building, where the story takes place. I chose to show this from a low perspective to create and overbearing and suspenseful feel, to emulate the same feelings from my story. The brownstone window also has a small bullet hole in it similar to an event that takes place in my story. The back cover shows this cracked hole closer.

To create the front and back covers, I used Adobe Illustrator. I then took both drawing and put it into Adobe Indesign, where I put the title and my author name into the drawing on the front cover. I also put my quotes lined up around the cracks on the back cover. The picture of myself used in the author bio was shot in a studio in order to get the right lighting and make it look as good as possible.
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