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Rise and Fall: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Jeremy Arce (2017)

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Jeremy T. Arce lives and resides in Boulder Creek, California. Previous to living in Redwood City with his mother. A significant figure in his life can be seen throughout his writings is his father. Before moving with his father, Jeremy lived homeless with his mother in Redwood City until soon after his father enrolled him in Los Altos schooling. Jeremy is the son of a retired plumber, and works in the field of botany at his own comfort of his new home in Boulder Creek, with his father. His original plans as a teen to pursue business still interests him, as he attends college at University of Santa Cruz.

During my creative process, I began brainstorming what had interested me the most about my short story. This lead me into designs for my book jacket, and my first element started with the Los Altos High School emblem in the middle of my book cover. My book cover then became one with my imagination, with the help of my design teacher envisioning the color scheme that lead me toward the rise in the sky. An airplane was used to demonstrate the rise into the sky, and at that point I recognized the blue backdrop would need to be at the top to signify the sky. My book cover has both flaps, with an artist picture and bio, as well as an intro to the short story.
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