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The Cabin: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Parker Jue (2017)

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A secluded cabin in the woods seems like the perfect getaway for most people. Right? Not for Samantha. Fairly new to the city and cautious, she has her doubts when her boyfriend Wyatt asks her to go out to the wilderness with him for a few days. Once they are there surrounded by nature, Samantha’s worries begin to disappear. That is until she finds pieces from Wyatt’s not-so-innocent past. Will this turn out to be exactly like Friday the Thirteenth or is Samantha just jumping to conclusions?

With this project, I was able to revisit Adobe InDesign. This year, I have been using mainly Photoshop and Illustrator, so it was nice to be able to design in a different program. Some things that I found challenging was coming up with a design to fit the genre of my book. I wanted to make it simplistic and almost eerie looking. It was difficult for me to decide on the title font and the design elements. I would change the book cover by adding more texture since it seemed too flat. Even though I wanted it to be minimalistic looking, I do think that I could have filled up more of the space that I left empty. Later in the year, I will use what I have learned in this project to help me design a consumer product. I want to improve my skills to make something that catches the attention of people and something that looks visually appealing. This project has allowed me to appreciate the work that goes into design products like book jackets, logos, or packages.
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