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Safe Space: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Payton Millet (2017)

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In the not too distant future, the starship Pioneer drifts silently through deep space. Its mission is simple and procedural: to deliver cargo to a human colony in an uncharted region of the galaxy. The contents of this cargo: toiletries. As with the void through which it cuts, Pioneer lacks meaningful motivation. With no desire to affect the universe, it mills along a predestined path towards a barren destination. And yet even in this rigidly uninteresting scenario, there is no accounting for the human capacity to make mountains out of molehills.

My book jacket is meant to be misleading. I avoided any indication on the cover of my short story's content being anymore than standard sic-fi adventure fair. That is except for the one prominent graphic design element on the cover, the traditional symbol for the male gender (or sex, whatever tickles your fancy). I went with this as the cover art because of it deceptive similarity to traditional sic-fi insignias, such as that of Star Fleet. I intend this cover to make much more sense to the reader after hey have finished the story, as they'll come to understand that far from a traditional sic-fi adventure, Safe Space is a satire of well known tropes for the purpose of social commentary.
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