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Plain Jane: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Siyuan Che (2017)

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Jane has been living under the shadow of her high achieving, arrogant older sister Elle her entire life. One day, she meets a vendor on the street that sells random quirky merchandise. Jane receives the dreamcatcher that possesses the power to ruin Elle life. Will Jane finally rise up? How much is she willing to sacrifice?

Challenges I faced while creating the book jacket include making sure that I got the correct measurements and coming up with ideas of what to design on all four sections of the book jacket. There were a lot to worry about and whether or not my designs are cohesive with the color theme and the book’s story. If I could change something about my book jacket I would add more design elements to it. I’m most proud that my book jacket had a clear color scheme and what I do have on the book jacket worked well together. From this I learned the importance of cohesiveness.
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