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Let It In: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Soline Gauthier (2017)

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Creating my book jacket for my narrative story was a bit of a struggle for me because I lacked ideas. My story is about a little French girl named Isabelle Titou; she is deaf and her only dream is to learn to play the piano. I wasn’t sure as to how I could display my little girl on the cover. Drawing her would be extremely difficult, and I did not have a model to be my French girl. I tried to photograph hands playing the piano, but in the end it did not please me. I instead photographed only the keyboard. I wanted the photo to have depth, as the keys go out of focus. I also wanted the piano keys to resemble stairs, as if showing her journey to learning the piano. Each step or each key is a step closer to her achieving her dream. Since Isabelle is a child, I wanted my book cover to have a bit of youthfulness, as if she created it herself. I decided to use fonts that look like paint brushes or chalk. I also added my own png design of music notes to be put on the back cover like it was a doodle. I like the idea of my cover, but I do not think it looks professional. I would have liked to create a Photoshop filter on my front cover photo. I could have also changed the cover completely by using a keyboard spiral, while the back was a sheet of music.

This unit was extremely frustrating for me merely because InDesign was crashing all the time and not allowing me to access my files. It made the process extremely long and tiresome. I was afraid if I changed anything it would crash and I would lose everything. Due to the difficulty I faced using InDesign, I now appreciate other book covers, especially those who decided to draw or use an effect on their jackets. I will definitely use the skills I have learned from this project and use them in my fashion magazine for the Zenith project. Overall, I do love the fonts I chose and the music notes I added in the back. Even though I believe it lacks professionalism, I still love what I had come up with and the theme of my book jacket.
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