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I Wish there were still Dinosaurs...: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Spencer Viaggi (2017)

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Ruth Lessick is a regular student with a dark secret. As she studies in the U.K., she is suddenly whisked along on a magic journey to prehistory by her friend Emily. However, as the world of Pangaea becomes more and more dangerous, Ruth’s secret is in danger of being exposed. Can she survive without compromising who she is, or will her shame be known to all the world?

For my book jacket, I wanted to go for a very simplistic style reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen. I wanted there to be a bigger focus on the text, since that’s really the only place where I can be funny. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product, I really liked applying the texture to the dinosaur even if it isn’t too subtle. I liked the text and all of the other stuff. My only regret is that I didn’t use the picture of me being Wizardy Herbert.
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