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Corrupt Carnival: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Brooke Beard (2017)

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Hard boiled detective Frank O’connor’s world is shaken when a case is dropped on his doorstep that is like nothing he’d ever seen before. When the ringmaster of a traveling carnival pushes his employees too far, eventually the ferris wheel comes full circle, and he's left looking like something out of a freak show. Who’s the culprit? Could it be the charming femme fatal, or could it be the mysterious clown with the troubling past. Whatever the case, Frank O'connor is in for the greatest show on earth. Murder, mystery, and intrigue await you at the corrupt carnival.

To make this, I started in Illustrator. In Illustrator I made the basic outlines of the tents, shadow, and text and saved them as a PNG. I imported the PNG’s into Photoshop and added texture, and shading. Then, in InDesign I created a rectangle that was the correct dimensions to cover my book, and imported the PNG’s and arranged them the way I wanted them. I added drop shadows to all my titles (by line and publisher as well), to make them stand out against the dark red tent in the background. I also added my blurb, about the author and photo of the author. I took the photo in the studio and edited it in Photoshop. I added a drop shadow to the photo to make it stand out.
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