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Flushed: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Cameron Fitz (2017)

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Two girls, Dina and Loretta, who are both in their early twenties find themselves at a preppy Upper East Side Christmas Party where they don’t seem to fit in. The two have always wanted to be recognized by the well known New York socialites and tonight may be their best shot for making a name for themselves. They venture into the guest bathroom where they discover the host of the party, Arthur Bennington, passed out on the floor. They poke and prod at him until they draw the conclusion that he doesn’t have a pulse. Dina and Loretta must find a way to get themselves out of this sticky situation and they will go great lengths to do so.

I grew when it came to my abilities with Adobe Photoshop. I struggled with the back cover of the jacket. I solved this problem by adding a texture and creating an opaque roll of toilet paper to distract the viewer. If I could, I would change the back to make the text look more interesting. I most proud of the work I did in Adobe Illustrator with the toilet paper and toilet.
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