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Fish Aren't Food: A Senior Surreal Photo by Aashia Mehta (2017)

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My surrealist piece includes a variety of interesting creatures such as a banana shark and sharks coming out from a wine glass into the moonlight. I definitely learned how to combine two objects that I photographed and turn them into something meaningful. The snowy setting provides a unique display that a viewer would not have expected to occur. The sharks represent creatures that are often thought of as scary and unfriendly, while the fruit and wine glasses are common household objects. By combining them together, I am showing how these animals portrayed as dangerous can actually be a part of the normal community and should not be treated indifferently. In my dreams, I had often seen this sort of imagery in the snowy weather with a shark across the moon as the main focus.

Throughout this process, I learned more about digital photography and using Adobe Illustrator. We had a Day Dream task in which we had a stream of consciousness. After that, we photographed seeming random objects that were connected beyond reality. However, this project told a dreamlike story that did not exist in the real world, which made it different from our usual projects. The story also came after the project was created, instead of before.
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