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Frozen in Time: A Senior Surreal Photo by Cullen Blanchfield (2017)

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In this project I was stumped for a long time on what I wanted to create as a surreal piece. Although in surrealism there are no boundaries, that’s what was my greatest challenge. I gathered action figures to represent innocence and childhood, and put them over a serene photograph I took of a sunset to represent that at the end of the day, we should always strive to have even just a tad of child still in us, just a pinch of curiosity at the least. The moons represent a sort of sense of eternal time of this piece, that it is frozen in time. The action figure in the top right is controlling the moon, controlling the time. He represents how stress can just dilute our minds and take us out of our true selves, which is represented from the foggy outlines of the policeman and the soldier below. There is a large sense of randomness in this piece, and it was intended to show how cluttered our time and our minds can be.
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