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Cats and Eggs: A Senior Surreal Photo by Rachel Sims (2017)

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For this piece piece I decide I used a black and white background of what looks like an old house. In front of the house there is an egg that is cracked. This is to represent life. The egg has a human hand sticking out of it. This I put in because I wanted to cause some confusion and really take a surrealist edge, because obviously, humans do not come out of eggs. The human hand is petting a cat to show love. The most important part of my surrealist piece is the giant cat that is sitting in the shadow. I made this cat obviously way bigger than a regular cat and it is in the shadows to create depth. The big cat is just sitting there with its arm out, almost showing the jealousy from the big cat towards the small cat because he is being pet and the cat isn't.

For this piece, I struggled a lot with coming up with an idea because I had never created a surrealist piece before. However once I came up with the idea, the project because a lot more enjoyable. I decided to put a filter over the egg because I wanted to cause some confusion. I also had to think a lot about color in this piece. I could have left the background in it original color, but I thought it was too vibrant and that the black and white would cause a sense of depth in the photo. Overall, I really enjoyed this project, because I got to be creative while making it, and had a fun time doing it.
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