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Lizard man: A Senior Surreal Photo by Chingun Erkhembayar (2017)

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This surrealism piece helped me push my knowledge of use of Adobe software. Along with helping me develop a better art sense because I have never done a surrealist piece before. There was a lot of research done to finish this piece. It was kind of hard to develop this surrealist piece because it just made me think in a completely different way than usual. The whole idea of surrealism is just surreal. Overall I enjoyed making this piece because of all the creative freedom I was given, but at the same time that’s what made it difficult. When you get a lot of time to sit down and just experiment with bunch of different material, you’re going to eventually end up with something that you like. That’s what happened.

If I were to change anything, I would change the quality of crops and edits. There are spots where in the cutting, where it’s dark for no reason. I could change it with more thought out cuts, with more time spent on it. I am proud of the fact that I took all the photos myself except for the hands. I added tints and colors to the photos to make it look like nothing of the original photo. Everything is so distorted and makes me feel uncomfortable, but in a way that made me feel comfortable.
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