We made this website to show all of our literature and artwork, that we have make in this unit. This was the first website we have made, it introduced a lot of us to coding. This was a good first project that will help us learn from the mistakes and help us learn better ways to put a website together in the future. What we display in this website is our work form all three of our classes. Our classes all gave us time to work on certain asspects of this project. I better know how to use Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. Dreamweaer was a huge step for me because, I have never coded in my life and it was something that I wasn't really grasping it, at first. As time went on I better learned how to get my websites put together. I thought Photoshop was going to be easy but with the amount of tools there were, I was overwhelmed at first. I did later get a hang of it and now am very comfortable with it. Lots of projects on this page are about very serious topics and others are a little gruesome. I enjoyed the amount of freedom we got in this project and how I could talk about what I really care about in the art and literature. My essay is a great example about this, I talked about animal rights. This is a topc I have been serious about since I was a young child. I always thought animals should be treated better and how people should be aware of the animals lives.


We made different poems in english class; free verse, spoken word, and ekphrastic poem. They could be about whatever we wanted excpet the ekphrastic poem, which had to be inspired from a piece of art that we saw on a field trip tp the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art. We then modified them in Digital media by adding voice overs of us reading our poems, using pro tools, and also adding a visual aid that we created using photoshop. Ekphrastic is a graphic usually dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined. A more visual way for people to better understand the message I am trying to portray.

Free Verse Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Ekphrastic Poem

We started this project in English, by learning about what haikus are and the elements of them. Our haiku's were suppost to be writen of a random statement, made of two different statements, which were drawn from two different bags. Mine was exploring the feeling of Doubt through the experience of losing privileges. I was speaking about when I lost the privilege of going to guitar calsses when I was younger. I thought I would I would stop prcaticing without the push of my teacher. I ended up playing even more and really enjoy it, and I have been playing for 10 years now.

In digital Media, we took the photo we had created in English and used Adobe Animate CC, we added music that we made using Pro Tools. This was the first time we actually made music. I made more heavy stuff because, thats the type of usic I play. I enjoyed the whole journey of this project since it was our first one here at freestyle.

Using Animate to make a video.


Realization without Vision

Click on image to view art

The assignment was taking a photo that was inspired by one of the poems we had written earlier. I used, "The White Box". The goal was to photograph a picture that was meaningful, but also in a non-obvious way. While photgraphing this I learned how to better contol shadows and lighting, since I was using a single candle. I also better learned on how to put one object in a lot more focus than the other. Describe the assignment in design> what were the goals? What did you learn about using a camera and photoshop techniques?

This photo was based off a poem I wrote. I was focusing on realization without vision. One line is, “Not knowing what's going on”, this was referring to the Govt and how us as a society usually have no way to find out anything that they don’t want us to know. This is how I got the idea of a broken pair of glasses. In a way, the government is blinding us. Another line in the poem is, “But what's happening outside?”. That’s how I got the idea of a foreign newspaper. The piece comes together in an obvious way. I was inspired by multiple events in our history but the most recent one was the very tragic incident with The City of Brussels. The attacks there were days after the Paris attacks. These were both very tragic, yes, but nobody was talking about what happened a couple days prior to both of these attacks. There was not only one, but two attacks in Turkey. Almost nobody knew about it, not until the individuals that were aware of it, started posting, tweeting, or talking about it. Still months later, people don’t know about it.

When starting the process to start photographing, it was very hard to find a foreign newspaper. I was originally going for a newspaper from somewhere in the Middle-Eastern region. I searched, and it was impossible for me to find one, which was surprising since we are in the Bay Area and we have a widely diverse community. I settled to a chinese newspaper, which worked out fine also. I bought a pair of glasses and simply broke them with a hammer. I used a candle for lighting, and angled it so I have the shadows, that I want, on the paper.

Screen shot of photoshop file on concepual art piece

After Experimenting a bit with Pro Tools we were free to make our own music. The inspiration for my music was from a band called Tool. They were intruduced to me my freshmen year of high school, 2014. I did not really like them at first but after a couple months passed, I got really into them. They are a Progressive rock/metal band.

The song is heavy throughout and inspired by an album; 10,000 by Tool. I used loops and adjusted them by; trimming, sound adjusting, messing with sound waves, etc... to better fit what I liked.