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-Include a paragraph or two or more about your process and inspiration in writing your Flash Fiction - perhaps include a link (that opens to a new browser tab) to some online content that you used for inspiration. -Title and complete text of Flash Fiction formatted differently than above explanation text -Embed SoundCloud interface of your Story with SFXs -Screenshot of your Pro Tools session of Story with SFXs with a caption under the screenshot



SCREENSHOT OF PROTOOLS This is a screensot of my ProTools Session that I used to create my audio file.
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Explain the illustration assignment

Title of Comic Illustration

This project to make a comic, allowed me to grow greatly, in the beginning of this unit I was so lost when it came to Illustrator. Now I understand the application a lot better. I also a lot easier to use. Using this app, also allowed me to grow in my other classes as well, such as Digital Media. I did struggle at first with getting the basic concept of how I wanted it to look overall, but after sitting back and thinking about it. I got the picture in my head and started working on it fairly quickly. I did have trouble with the application at the beginning but the more I played around with it, the more I got used to it, becoming faster and better. If I would need to change something, I would change my need to try to make it as perfect as possible, leading me to make decisions slower, this does make us rush towards the end. I would definitely add more detailing to this comic by trying to make it look more 3 dimensional. I would also would have liked more time on it, of course, to perfect it, but I would always want to continue to perfect it, knowing I could always make it better. I am proud that I did this on a computer because that is not my strongest aspect and I like to do my artwork more hands on; on paper, or sculpting. This was quite of a out of the box experience for me because I am very picky and try to make my art look as perfect as I can, but with a computer that is vastly more complicated. I will use ideas I learned in this project by better appling my illustrator skills in my upcoming Digital Media and also Design Classes. I will better know how to use the tools and of course, be faster, giving me time to make the overall product look better. This project showed me exactly how hard it is to draw on a computer, how everything has to be done precisely. Everything has its own tools and shortcuts, but you usually only learn them by struggling. I do have a greater respect for people who do this on a daily bases. Seeing what people have created with the applications that we use, astonishes me and I will always look up to them.

Thumbnail For Graphic Novel
Click on the Image above to view my graphic novel.

In english class we wrote Graphic novels that basically the core of our animatics. We transformed our graphic novels into an animatic using animator.

This is the text content that would wrap around the video thumbnail.

An animatic is a movie produced by only shooting some sections and adding a soundtrack in the background. It is used to plan out your story.

I learned so much during this I learned how to better manage my time, and how to get my story see more visual so people can understand it better. Creating a graphic novel and creating it into an animatic was fairly easy. Producing the information was very hard and time-consuming.


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