This conceptual project was created to exhibit each piece of work from my conceptual unit. In english we wrote poetry based on specific statements and art from the San Francisco MOMA. We also created an essay that described a passion of ours. In design we took our poetry and photographed an object that created a metaphor for our message. In Digital media we experimented with pro tools to create music and put our other projects into digital form, by recording them and organizing them on this webpage.

This conceptual project allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and create a website as well as experiment with forms of media I’m not used to. I learned about the principles graphic design, the technicalities of web design, the abstractness of poetry, the broadness of passions, and the metaphors of photography. I also began to learn how to use programs like Pro tools, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Animate as well as using a MIDI board and a DSLR camera. I think that using all of these different tools is important because although they might not interest me a ton, it is valuable to have the knowledge to create in many different aspects of art and in all walks of life.

The point of writing our Expository Essays was to express something we were passionate about and explain it using a variety of techniques. My essay was about Sciences, I wanted to discuss how even if you aren’t passionate about them, they are essential to nearly every aspect of the lives we all are living.



We created 3 different types of poems: free written, spoken word, and ekphrastic.The free written poem was initially created from statement that we pulled out of a bag, the goal was to emulate this theme and feeling through a poem. The spoken word poem was a poem where we could write whatever we felt like and then we needed to create a concept statement based on its theme. An ekphrastic poem is one written in response to a work of art, whether it is the feeling of looking at it, or the struggle to understand it, or a story inspired by it. Our ekphrastic poems were in response to a piece of work that caught our attention at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

I enjoyed having free rein and being able to express a feeling through any poetic metaphor we could think of. It also allowed me to develop my skills in creative writing and understand the actual components of poetry, how they all mean something. I learned about lineation, cliches, imagery, figurative language, etc.

Free Verse Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Ekphrastic Poem

The assignment in english required us to take the concept statement we chose out of a bag and create a Haiku, a traditional Japanese poem of 3 lines that consist of 5 syllables then 7 then 5. We then placed this text on top of a photo that could be a metaphor for our message. In digital media we took our photo haikus and created a video with us performing (speaking) the poem and music surrounding it.

While producing the haiku, I had to keep in mind my statement, the syllable count, and including a kiego and kireji which made it a little more difficult than I anticipated. I enjoyed matching the poem to an image, I ended up using an image that I took while in japan which made it extra fitting for a Haiku.


I am exploring the feeling of being consumed through the experience of being absorbed in an idea

In the Conceptual Art assignment, we were required to photograph an object that created a metaphor for one of our pieces of poetry. Then we used photoshop to make the photo better suit our concept statements. At first I was just dipping my toes in the water of photography, I didn’t understand how to work a professional camera but by the end I could understand the basics. It was interesting to try and think of an object to represent a metaphor. I also valued learning how to apply photoshop skills onto a project that we were producing.


My experimental music is made up of a series of music loops put together using Pro Tools 12. I don’t particularly like it but I think it was a good learning experience. It is supposed to have a relaxed vibe to it and not be too wild, I was inspired by the soundtracks of a few video games. I valued being able to apply the methods of creating music that we previously practiced, although I didn’t use it in my final piece I got to play around with MIDI instruments and the studio.