In the conceptual unit at Freestyle we did many different things from photograph to making website. In each class we were learning and doing different stuff but in the end it all came together to one website. Starting in English, we wrote 4 poems a free verse, an ekphrastic, a spoken word, and a haiku. The first we wrote was the haiku we took a picture of something that you thought represented our haiku than we took that into animate and made it into a short little video. Whilst writing the poems in the other class we were learning how to use all the tools provided for us to achieve the best of our capability. In design we took one of the concept statements from our poems and brainstormed it into a idea for a photo to metaphorically show that idea. Next, design we put it all together recording our poems and making them into pages on our website. We also made experimental music, I put together bunch of music loops but it was hard to find music loops that sounded right to fit together next time i want to try something else. Next, in English we wrote an expository essay mine was about something i love which is space, and the endlessness that is. Last but not least we put all of it together on our website with to form our conceptual website. This website is divided into 4 different parts all these parts describe a different thing we did in the conceptual unit haiku, art, music, and poems.



We wrote three poems in our English class a Free verse , a spoken word, and an ekphrastic which is a vivid description of a work of art. The first was free verse this one had the same concept statement as my haiku “I am experiencing the feeling of peacefulness through daydreaming” it's about someone daydreaming in class then waking up to to realize it's not paradise. Next is the spoken word which is my personal favorite, The concept statement is “I am exploring the feeling of skepticism through working” this one is someone questioning their reasoning for being alive or why they do there job it's kind of depressing but it can get you thinking. And finally the ekphrastic, This one was based on a poem i saw at the SFmoma (Museum of Modern Art) Called start swimming which was 3d words that s start swimming and it showed the results of a hurricane and i took it more in a way of climate change. I never thought i could write poems until this unite, i think it helped tell me i can do it.


Open space free to the imagination
Creation with a single thought 
Anything is possible
Darkness seen as a blank canvas
Anywhere, anytime
A new world 
Much more.. 
(Opens eyes)
I'm here
Free Verse Poem

The reason we keep moving forward,
The reason we exist, is it
To search for a better tomorrow?
No, it's all just in your head.
Why do I work? 
Is it for money? 
For love?
Or is it simply because I feel like I have to?
Do I enjoy it? 
Is it why I get up in the morning?
Or is it quite the opposite?
What's my purpose?
Is it my best tomorrow?
But what comes after?
Am I alive for what comes after?
Hoping that the after is better than the now -
The after life? 
Or after work?
Do I go home dreading tomorrow?
Or wait?
Shit, I'm late to work.
Spoken Word Poem

Cars, planes, factories
Ozone dieing
Temperature rising
Sea levels reaching new heights 
 population increases, 
Yet land is decreases
Of wildlife, of the ice caps, and our civilization 
So, we need to stop
Or we better start swimming
Ekfrastic Poem

In English we made a haiku then we were assigned to take a photo of something that represented the haiku. We first just put it into a google slide wrought it over the picture and presented it to the class. But then in digital media we stepped it up a notch and turned it into a video. First we took our picture into Photoshop edited the word over the picture. Then we recorded us saying the poem and got some music to put in front and behind it and added a title page.


I am exploring the feeling of skepticism through work

In Design we started with our concept statement from one of our English poems I chose my spoken word one we then brainstormed ideas at first i wanted to have some ants carrying bread crumbs but i then realized that would be really hard to do and i couldn't fined any ants. So i came up with a new idea and that was to have a drill drilling into a wall. In my class the first batch of photos were blurry so i went back and re-shot to get the perfect photo. Then we took it to Photoshop edited it to make it look nice and pretty. I really enjoyed this time and this process seeing the nice finished product looking so good was really satisfying and it made me feel good.

Thumbnail of conceptual art piece.
Click on image to view art.

The reason we keep moving forward, The reason we exist, is it To search for a better tomorrow? No, it's all just in your head. Why do I work? Is it for money? For love? Survival? These are a few lines of my poems. This poem is trying to question the reason why we work. Wondering why we do the work if we hate it. And what is the motivation for doing the work. It's about a man, who's trying to find what his motivation is for waking up in the morning and going to work or even if he likes doing his work? And that is what life is about, he has to push through it even if he doesn't like it.

I was inspired by this poem to make to make this piece. I chose to take a photo of a drill going into a wall but to no success. This is supposed to represent a person that doesn't like their job but every day they get up and keep going to survive. To make this photo, we went through many steps first we had to think of an idea that we wanted to make the photo about. Then, we had to come up with an idea too of something to take a picture of in my case I choose the drill. Next, we were supposed to take around 100 photos but my first patch didn't turn out so well so when and retook them the second batch was much better. Then, we took it to school and went through them picking the best 50 turning them in as a contact sheet. Then we slowly narrowed them down to the 3 we liked the most, we kept the 3 and got rid of the rest. After that, we took them to Photoshop edited our favorite one and turned it in.


Screen shot of photoshop file of my conceptual art peace.

We were assigned to make a piece of music using all the new found skills we learned with pro tools. We used stuff like pro tools, Expand, Boom, E.t.c. I think this was the hardest thing we did so far it was really hard to find the right music loops that sound right together to come together and sound like a song. I'm looking forward to doing it again though i feel like next time i can really improve.