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Content for the Story Page -Include a paragraph or two or more about your process and inspiration in writing your Flash Fiction - perhaps include a link (that opens to a new browser tab) to some online content that you used for inspiration. -Title and complete text of Flash Fiction formatted differently than above explanation text -Embed SoundCloud interface of your Story with SFXs -Screenshot of your Pro Tools session of Story with SFXs with a caption under the screenshot more details» copy to my calendar

The Mines

Day after day nothing but the length of the mines ever changed. The days all just seem to blur together. From start to finish it's always the same until, that one day. Joseph’s dirty black hair, white skin, very thin , and a stubby beard. Beep.Beep.Beep. Joseph reaches to turn off the alarm clock “click” as he gets out of bed the bed creaks as does his back, he slowly puts on a pair of tattered overalls, a tea shirt, and some ripped shoes. Then heads to the kitchen to make himself a lunch. He can't afford to have much more than a sandwich for lunch, so he slowly puts one together. On his way out the door, he grabs his pick and shovel. He walks slow down the streets of Colorado, as he walks he hears some of the locals pointing and looking at him one whispers “Why doesn't that guy get some new clothes, he's worn the same pair for the past week ” This does not put him in a good mode. When he reached his destination the sun had just risen over the hill in which the mines lay. Some caves had caved in but it wasn't much of a big deal it happens all the time, half the time u cant even tell when some had caved in because it happens so often. Joseph grabbed a mine cart and headed down into the mines.

He pushed the cart down the rickety old mine tracks until he reached a point he found suitable for digging so he pulled out his shovel and pickaxe and started digging. He dug for hours on end filling the mine cart bringing it up dumping it out and repeating until he ran into a very large rock these were known to have gold in them, he cracked it in half to his luck there was no gold in it so he just went back to endlessly mining. It was starting to get late he couldn't see the sun but spending so much time down there you just got a good sense of time. All the sudden the earth began to shake he needed to think quickly he looked around and decided to flip the cart over so he could hide under it, he thought about how he would get out hoping that the caves had not caved in. He waits about 2 minutes for it to stop then made a break for it, he ran for a few minutes until he saw some of the cave had caved in but luckily there was a small crawl space he could get thru right he was on his knees ready to crawl throw when he heard something fall behind him he turned around and saw a shining piece of gold had fallen out of the roof. He knows he had to go back for it because it may be his only chance to get rich in these days the risk would be worth it.He ran back for it grabbed it and began to run for the exit. As he crawled through fiber was falling on his back but he must make it out and then he made it with the gold and his life. A few minutes later it caved in.


explain disign assignment

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title of comic

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reflecting on creating your comic illustration


Thumbnail of graphic novel
Click on image above to view my graphic novel
Our graphic novel served as the storyboard for our animatic and animation because it is a pretty accurate representation of what is happening in both, especially the animatic in the animatic we used the same pictures that we drew.

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An animatic is a series of pictures that would show what the animation would look like. If you animated it all just to realize the story didn't make sense.

I learned that there are many steps to making an animation first we made the flash fiction which was about 500 words. Then we made the graphic novel which was a 3 page comic of our story. Next we turned that into an animatic which was kind of like a rough sketch of what our animation would look like then finally we made it into an animation.


explain the animation assighnment and the process from flash fiction, to graphic novel, animatic and then finally to the animation.

Reflect on your personal experience in production animation.