Emily Cook
Emily Cook

Hello! I'm Emily Cook, a Junior at Freestyle Academy taking the courses of English, Design, and Digital Media. The images below take you to websites about my projects I've done – so far I've only done one project this year, but more will completed in the future. Each webpage contains all of the work I've done for each project, including written work, music, and art. I hope you enjoy exploring what I've created!

For our Conceptual unit, we worked on developing our abstract thinking skills to express ourselves in unconventional forms.
The conceptual photo I took featuring marbles.
For our Narrative unit, we worked on effectively telling compelling stories visually through various mediums.
A portion of a comic book featuring Starman.
For our Documentary unit, we will work on telling the story of a person in our community.
The logo of the City of Mountain View.
For our Explorations unit, we will work on exploring our passion.
A person drawing a landscape on a tablet.