The purpose of the Conceptual Project was to show off our skills and ourselves in ways we are not accustomed too. Each of our classes contribued in their own ways. In english we did a few poems. In design we took photos with a metaphorical meaning. In Digital media we focused on experimental peices of music and also audio.

In each one of the sections you will find assignments we have completed in all of our classes. All of them transition into each other perfectly. I have widened my knowledge on metaphors and how they can be used in multiple things. I got a sensation of liberty creating my conceptual website.

My Expository essay is written on my extreme passion for sneakers. Its about how my love for sneakers came to be. Also how long ive done it and my reason for collecting so many.




For our free verse poem we had the choice to write about what ever we wanted and it had to be at least 10 lines. For our spoken word poem it was kind of the same as the free verse we got to write about a topic we were passionate about and it had to be at least 20 lines. For our ekphrastik poem we went to the M.O.M.A and we got inspired by art and with our inspiration we wrote an abstract poem.

Photo of Free Verse Poem
Free Verse Poem
Photo of Spoken Word Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Photo of Ekphrastic Poem
Ekphrastic Poem

For our photo haiku we had to put a lot of thought into it we had a concept statement that we picked out of a bag in english class and mine was hopefulness through religion and i found that pretty hard to get a picture of. We couldnt be obvious either so  couldn't get a picture of a church or a rosary so I got a picture of power lines, which represent power that i need to be hopeful through religion. We took our pictures in design and wrote the haiku in english and made the video in digital media.




I am exploring the feeling of Fear through Confusion

Photo of Conceptual Art
Conceptual Art

I chose I am exploring the feeling of fear through confusion because i fel that it would beeasy to do and I wanted to be really creative so i flipped my camera took a picture of my friends car with fire extiguisher smoke everywhere this showed how the car was coming at me and i was scared. In design we edited the pictures to look more real in digital media we we put it on our website.



In Digital Media we used pro tools to make an experimental piece of music. we used different samples and I used a Mpc machine to make my own beats.We also got to go in the studio to record live music.