The purpose of this conceptual project was to learn how to create idea driven art. These ideas that drove my art came in the form of a concept state that had express a feeling through a particular experience. To complete this project, each class required something different. For Digital Media, we were created this website, a short video with our photo-haiku, and some experimental music. For design, we created our photo for our photo-haiku and more conceptual photography that we made a artist statement explaining our photo that we edited in photoshop. For english, we wrote 3 different poems, one haiku and wrote an expository essay. Each class provided content with Digital Media providing the format to display my work.

The purpose of the expository essay was to express a passion of ours. It was a fun project since we were allowed to write in any format and about any topic that we wanted. My inspiration came from self-driven eperiences and intrigue.


For english, we wrote 3 different poems. The first is a free verse poem based on the concept state of "Exploring the feeling of fear through standing up for myself or others". The second poem is spoken word poem that is about exploring life and learning through education. The third poem is an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic piece of art is a peice of art that responds to another piece of art. In my case, my poem responds to the Andy Warhol piece called Marilyn that it is next to it. I really learned alot writing the ekphrastic poem because I had never done that before, and it really helped me grow as a writer.

The Truth of Bright Lights
Marilyn Monroe
What an icon 
Symbol of America 
With a side of demon 
Many faced or many shades 
A socialite with a dark side or 
Are we all the same ?
Primal urges lay dormant in us 
Or only those who see the brightest
Neon lights
Ekphrastic Poem
Photo of my Spoken Word Poem
Spoken Word Poem
I clenched my fist 
Fear clenched my fist 
I kept my feet stuck to the ground
Fear kept my feet stuck to the ground 
Curiosity pulled me to the front of the crowd
I felt like I was in the backseat of my own body 
	Black concret below me, blue skies above 
	School all around, One boy above another
	A fist falls from the sky, propelled by anger
	A paralyzing fear falls upon my body
	As I step forward, in between the 2 boys.
Free Verse Poem

This haiku is the first thing that was assigned to us in english. After writng and revising our haikus, we turned them into photo-haikus by putting a photo relating to the haiku underneath the haiku in Design using photoshop and photography skills. Then in Digital Media, we turned the photo-haiku into video with an intro and outro with an audio recording of us performing the haiku. This project is a great example of how projects overlap into other classes and devolp using all the skills and programs we learn in all the clases.

Photo of my workspace in Animate where we turned the photo-haiku into a video. To make this video, we created the title page in photoshop and recorded the haiku in the iso booth beforehand. Then I imported the title page, the photo-haiku and the audio into Animate. After that I sequenced eveything and exported.

I am exploring the feeling of fear through standing up for myself or others

Photo of my Conceptual Art
Conceptual Art

For Design, we were supposed to take one of our poems that we had created and use the photography skill we had been taught in design to take a picture that represents our poem. Then we had to edit the photo in photoshop to enchance the photo. Finally, we had to create an artist statement that reflects and explains the photo and it's deeper meaning. I really like how while doing this project, it was really gratifying to put alot of work in because it was really easy to see how the work positively effected our art. You could literally see it get better as time went on. This photo is a visual representation of my poem about experiencing fear through standing up for myself or others through witnessing a school fight. My motivation for this photo came from the lines in my poem that are “Fear kept my feet stuck to the ground. Curiosity pulled me to the front of the crowd”

In my photo, I used the characteristic of real and complete to express the physical and mental states of the boys in my poem. The toy car is complete but not real, so it is lesser physically to the car or wheel. The wheel is real but not complete so it is mentally inferior to the real car or the toy car. The boy represented by the wheel is bullying the toy car boy out of envy of his completeness. The real car is real, complete and represents the narrator of my poem who is dealing with fear and indecision on whether to help the bullied boy. I took the picture with the wheel and toy car in focus to show that they were defined but the real car was out of focus because it is representing confusion and indecision. I put the toy car lower in the shot to show a lack of power as opposed to the wheel and real car that were bigger and higher up. In the original photo, my picture was dark and the toy car was very light. In Photoshop, I ended up brightening up the whole picture and darkening the toy car only. My biggest problem was my own carelessness because all the photos from my first photoshoot came out completely dark and unusable.


The experimental music project was one of my favorites to do. We were tasked with making any music we wanted which I thought was very fun and freeing. For my music, I drew inspiration from the movie Whiplash. It is about a young jazz drummer and features some incredible music. One major part of the movie is being able to drum at a double time tempo. So when making my music, I created my drum beat at double time to mimic Whiplash. I also based my piano off the piano in the main song "Caravan". I used a vary of other instruments to fill in the song and add to the sound.