Welcome to my website. Here is where you can find my work for my conceptual project, the first of 4 projects that I will be doing in my junior year here at Freestyle Academy. Conceptual art is art in which the idea presented by the artist is more important than the final product. The goal of this project is to learn the techniques of all the equipment that we use here. Below, you can find my expository essay about passion. An expository essay is one in which the writer researches and takes a stance on a topic. Enjoy responsibly.


Our first unit in English class was about passion, and what better way is there to demonstrate that than poetry? We wrote a Haiku, which can be found in the next section, a free verse poem, which has no specific rules for the format, a spoken word poem, which is meant to be performed, and and an ekphrastic poem, which is a response to a piece of art. The word comes from the Greek ek and phrásis, 'out' and 'speak' respectively, and the verb ekphrázein, "to proclaim or call an inanimate object by name".

Locked up without bail:
What a strange place,
I can’t explain what’s off-
I’m the only one here. 
This jailhouse has no foundation,
The walls are made of gravel,
And none of these doors will open.
There’s no reflection in the mirrors,
and I just stubbed my toe on the ceiling.
Why am I here?
I can just leave…
There’s nothing stopping me...
Here goes nothing…
I did it, I’m free! 
I was  here for 3 years? 
My sentence was 3 days. 
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Free Verse Poem
Hello ? 
Anyone there? 
Give me 5 minutes.
What’s up?
What are we doing?
I’d love to but I have to go to bed.
Give me 8 hours. 
What was the homework? 
What page are we on?
I’m not done yet.
Just give me 2 more minutes.
Celebration time!
No Homework!
Yeah, I already did the dishes, mom.
Okay I’ll take out the trash mom.
I’m coming. 
Give me 15 minutes.
Who’s here?
It’s Saturday night, everyone should be out right now…
What’s up?
Give me an hour.
Spoken Word Poem
He jerks forward in his chair as he tries to get closer to his desk.
His hands wobble as he forces himself to hold them back.
Moving forward slowly, 
Miniscule increments at a time, 
Completing iotas of work 
Not nearly fast enough
He is aware of this 
But he takes his time anyways.
Ekphrastic (part 1)
The gates are closed
Hold your horses 
There is no other way around
Pay the toll or you may not pass.
Don’t give up hope quite yet
Little traveler, you have plenty of time 
The same cannot be said for us.
Ekphrastic (part 2)

Reflect upon the assignment in digital media.



Our first poem was a Haiku, one of the most popular poem formats. A Haiku is a japanese style of poetry consisting of 17 syllables, split into 3 lines of 5,7,and 5 syllables respectively.

The topic of the poem had to relate to our concept statement, which was made up of a feeling and experience chosen randomly from a hat. My concept statement was exploring the feeling of sadness through the experience of going to a concert. After writing the poem, we put it over a photo that was related to the concept statement and recorded ourselves performing the poem.

My animate file

I am exploring the feeling of Emptyness through the expirence of Isolation

Thumbnail of conceptual art piece
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Our protagonist has been unjustly incarcerated and ostracised by society. When they return to the outside world after three years, they feel forgotten and worthless because the world has moved on without them. I chose this poem as inspiration because I feel like the subject of my other poems were much harder to convey in a photograph and the meaning would be lost on most people. The image represents this feeling of worthlessness by displaying a penny, which has very little value, in a gutter, a dirty, grimy place, reserved for waste and trash. I started with a clean penny, to represent the speaker, who has done nothing wrong. The wire wrapped around the coin is a claustrophobic cage, like the jail cell in the poem. The gutter furthers the speaker’s feeling of worthlessness. I increased the saturation and vibrance of the penny in Photoshop, to make it stand out a little more. I also bumped up the yellow/orange of the leaves to make them seem more like they’re golden.

Screenshot of the photoshop file of my conceptual art piece

In Digital Media, we made experimental music, using pro tools, a music production software that is very prolific in the music industry. In preparation for this project, I listened to a lot of experimental music like Death Grips for inspiration.