Write and replace this text that wraps around the graphic link about how the Graphic Novel served as the storyboard for the animatic and animation.


Write and replace this text that wraps around the graphic link about how the Graphic Novel served as the storyboard for the animatic and animation.

Where no Ham has gone before

The heavy metal doors hissed and pressurized behind Tyrell as he stepped in from his spacewalk. The lights flickered on as he briskly floated to his quarters on the lonely spaceship. He laid down on his stiff mattress. He was sick of the freeze-dried nutrient rations. Tyrell wanted something real. His mouth watered at the thought of a moist, luscious, succulent cheeseburger. He knew this would take a toll on the mission supplies but that was a risk he was willing to take. ‘Terraforming supplies - ‘DO NOT OPEN UNTIL VENUS.’ Tyrell reluctantly opened the crate. Several bags of fertilizer and envelopes of seeds lay inside. Tyrell dumped two bags of soil onto the floor of the cargo bay and pressed the seeds into the soil. At the bottom of the crate was the enzyme accelerator. It allowed biomass to grow exponentially, making crops ready to harvest within an hour of activation.

Tyrell hydrated two packets of beef flavored protein powder, and molded the slightly gelatinous pink sludge into a patty. He donned his space suit and returned once again to the void. Tyrell was not afraid of space, but what he was about to do was plain stupid. He floated to the thruster at the back of his spaceship and remotely activated it. The large engine sputtered and then roared on. The ship was much faster than he had anticipated, and his tether was pulled taut as the ship jerked forward. He was eventually able to reorient himself and roast the patty in the exhaust of the thruster. On his way back into the spaceship he noticed a white object in the distance that was growing at an alarming rate. He had driven straight into the path of an asteroid but had not noticed it.

Tyrell realized that he had no idea how to make bread, so the buns would be the hard part. Actually, every part was the hard part. Tyrell had no idea what he was doing. He was starting to wonder why he was even chosen for this mission. Why would NASA and SpaceX hand pick an astronaut that would jeopardize the entire mission for a simple burger? Jeopardized the mission definitely was. He wouldn’t have any supplies when he reached Venus. If he ever did reach Venus that is. He was way off course thanks to that little patty stunt he pulled. He was completely lost in space. But that was a bridge he was going to have to cross when he came to it. And when he looked down the bread was done. How convenient.

It had been almost exactly an hour since he had planted the crops, which meant that they should be ready to harvest. He picked two tomatoes, an onion, and a head of lettuce. He he hydrated two slices of cheese and voila: his mise en place was finally ready. Just a quick game of inverse Jenga and the burger was ready to eat. Steam rose over the buns as he slowly bit into the burger. BOOM. The hull of the ship imploded as his meal was rudely interrupted by the asteroid that he had so blissfully ignored.


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Explain what a graphic novel is and how it's realted to your final animation. what was your process in making the graphic novel.

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I made a short graphic novel for my English class based on a short story that I wrote that I used for the storyboard for this animation. Explain what an animatic is because no-one knows what it is.

Write a reflection on the process of using a Graphic Novel and Animatic towards the final production of an Animation.


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