Welcome to my conceptual website where some of my projects from my conceptual unit in free style have been compiled together. In the conceptual unit we were pushed to think differently about how we originally would do projects and other assignments in each class. This was to start opening our minds to new ideas and ways of looking at the world. This was definitely hard to do because of how all our lives we have been told to think a certain way to finish all of our assignments in the past. An example of how we had to think different is how each assignment given in english was going to be used in the other classes as the base for our thinking, we would write a poem in english then take a picture in design that represented the poem as we saw it and then record us reading the poem in digital media. This website houses most of my work from my conceptual unit there is some cool work here like my conceptual music some of my poems and some other really cool projects. In this unit I learned a lot about websites, photoshop, protools, dreamworks, how to use a camera in a professional way, and how to use the most important feachers. I learned a lot from the last quarter of freestyle and have enjoyed it very much. The sound file below is my expository essay read by me. The expository essay was meant to have us explain in detail a subject that we really enjoy, I chose astronomy as it has been one of my favorite subjects for as long as I can remember so it was easy for me to write just over 4 pages on the subject. The thing I struggled most with was the recording of the essay I think it took me over an hour to just record it not including the time it took to edit out all the mistakes. This entire unit was very enjoyable to me and I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I did.


The poems below where written in english class for the conceptual unit and all of them are a different form of poems. The types of poems are free verse, spoken word, and ekphrastic poems. I recorded me reading them here in the iso both to have really clear audio, we also created the pictures here. The free verse poem was based off of a haiku we made in english. We then had to turn the haiku into a free verse poem which we used for our web site. To do this we use photoshop with a picture we picked and edited to have the words on it and then I put the finished picture into dreamweaver and embedded it into my on line web site with the recording of me reading it. The spoken word poem was created on a subject of whatever we wanted it to be. I chose to write mine on how the stars in the night sky are fading to the human eye inside the cities because of the light dilution. I then chose a picture and put the words on it in photoshop. I had trouble with this because any color for the words would blend in with the picture and you could not see them. I fixed this by adding a drop shadow to the words and his fixed it right up. The last poem was the ekphrastic poem based off of an art piece from the moma. An ekphrastic poem is meant to be spoken out about an art piece. I did it on “Crimson Spinning” by Adolph Gottlieb which you can see below. During this project I learned how to add writing on to images and how sizing can affect the resolution. I also learned how to put images in a nice presentation on my website with a link to a larger version of the picture and the recordings of me reading it.

Free Verse Poem
Spoken word

Haikus to me probably on of the most annoying forms of poetry. For a haiku, you have to follow a certain sentence structure of 5 syllables 7 syllables and then another 5 syllables. For this project, we had to choose from a bag random feelings and them ways we were going to experience them to determine the what the poem was about. I had to experience scorn through a sibling rivalry which I had trouble coming up with ideas at first but then go what I wanted to say in the few short sentences. I had trouble following the sentence structure with my first draft, I did get time to fix it and turn it into what you see here in digital media. In digital media, we used animate to make the sound file embedded in the picture and to make an intro slide. Art

This is a screen shot of adobe animate of when i made the YouTube video. This shows some of the work that I did for this project


I am exploring the Feeling of sadness and wonder through star gazing

thumbnail of conceptual art piece.
Click on image to view art

In this assignment we had to take a picture of an object that represented what a poem that we wrote and what the reader was suppose to be feeling.  I learned alot about how bluring works on the cameras and how to take away shine in a picture and also how to put some on the picture.

“They shine,So bright, but yet so dim/They are dimmed from the other lights:The lights that blind the people,The lights that control the people, The lights from the people...You can see the past...” These lines from my poem are describing how the stars in the night sky are being dimmed, and how bright they are to be reaching across such a distance. The lights from the people's city are causing this dimming so easily. The picture inspiration came from the poem when I thought of stars I thought of soldiers and how they were stars but then I need to find a way to have them fading. I then thought of the large grave yards of the soldiers they are there and being remembered but are fading away. The soldier graveyard didn't work out because I couldn't get to a location with one, but the them stuck with me and I ended up shooting at a regular graveyard which worked out even better because it wasn't as well kept as a military graveyard would be. The image was to represent how the dimming of the stars from the poem. I chose a graveyard for my photograph because it shows how important the past was and how we respect the people, but how not many people come there. The entire place looks run down and all the graves have water stains, the grass is growing over some of headstones and the writing is fading to show the fading like the stars being forgotten. This to me represents how they were important and how the have been forgotten over the years and their importance has faded out of memory and out of site. During this project I struggled with correcting mistakes and knowing what I wanted to fix about the image. I also struggled with Photoshop for the first day because most of the page went off the screen and I could not get it back so I couldn’t use any of the tools. I spent most of my first class period we had to work on it fixing that so I only had two days to finish the project.

screen shot of photoshop file of my conceptual art peice.

The experimental music project was to have us create a one-minute long piece of music that was inspired by the music we love. My experimental music was heavily inspired by the soundtrack from the command and conquer games. My music is supposed to make you feel like you are exploring and questioning what is happening and the wonder of what is going on. For this music I imported sound clips provided by the teachers, I used the fading technique to have soft transitions between intended feelings of the song. During this project, I really enjoyed being able to make music that I have enjoyed from my young childhood.

This is a screen shot of Pro tools of when I made the conceptual music. This shows some of the work that I did for this project.