In my english class I was required to write and essay and many poems to improve my skills in these areas. In design class we were required to take many pictures with our camera because we need to learn how to take quality photos. In Digital media required to make music and code for our website. Most of the projects that we do in class are being put on the website.

When you go farther down my page you see the projects I have been doing in English class, design class and digital media class. I learned many things in the Conceptual Unit. I learned how to create a website works and how coding works. I enjoyed seeing how my website looks when I was done with all the coding.

My Expository is about german hip hop and how I got into it. The essay also talks about a bit about my past. The reason for writing this essay to explain to people what my passion is. My inspiration to write this essay was that I wanted to write about a topic that I enjoyed.

Patrick Fina

                                                                                                                                         German Hiphop

         One of my most loved passion I like to do and also see other people do is german hip hop. German hip hop differs from English hip hop in many ways. It also has had a lot of influence on my life and daily decisions.

       There were many reasons why I started to listen to german hip hop and start rapping in german. At the beginning of the school year of my sophomore year I heading toward the end of my childhood days, which meant that I was growing out of a lot of my other interests and hobbies I had. I didn’t really have that many hobbies and passions at that time. I was also trying to connect myself more with the german community because I felt like I was getting very disconnected. So I went to youtube and typed in german rap. I accidentally found a rapper called Kool Savas who is considered to be the king of rap in germany. I fell in love with his music and started listen to it all the time. After listening to him for a while it led me to listening to more and more artists. Soon I was familiar with most of the rap seen in germany. I had many favorite rappers for while, finally found my favorite rapper called Fler. He was a berlin rapper who was in control of the music camp called Maskulin. I was so amazed by his music that, that started making me think that maybe I wanted to make music. I started to buy a lot of his clothes from his clothing brand and started to identify myself as one of his loyal fans. Also when I am angry I express myself through the feeling of catharsis which is a process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions by listening to german hip hop. Than One day i decided it was time for me to start writing my first song. At first I thought it wouldn’t be that hard, but when I tried to start, I didn’t know what I would write about. I had trouble trying to get rhymes going in my bars and some lines did not make sense. At the end of writing it I was not to happy with it but recorded it anyway. The first song didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but it has most views from all of my songs on youtube. Over the summer I was in Austria and was listening to a lot german rap and I started to get better at writing bars. It has been taking time but slowly I am getting better and better. I hope to maybe one day get to make music with artists I look up too and maybe one day be able to sign with a label.

    The other reason why I started to rapping in german is that there was a difference between german hip hop and english hip hop and the communities surrounding it. One of the difference between german hip hop and english hip hop is that english hip hop is more chill or more relaxing to listen too while german hip hop is more aggressive and more violent oriented. If watch german rap videos you will see a artists surrounded by a lot of his men that are very muscular and showing themselves beat up people. In english rap videos you will see them around a less hostile environment with probably a lot more hot women in their videos. The rap communities are very too. Many rappers in Germany stay together in groups in the cities they grew up in. They sometimes rap against groups from other cities and have beef. Some rappers aren't able to go to certain cities because they could possible die or be hurt because they have problems with someone in that city.

   German rap a passion that I hold dear to my heart is one of the most important things in my life at this moment. It has change my life for the better and worse. It also made me more of an adult and took me out of my childhood. This basically marks the beginning of my adult life. German Hip hop also changed the way I think, behave and changed my fashion style. I hope I have this passion for a long time and get better at it.


All the poems that we wrote for english class are the free write poem, the ekphrastic poem and the spoken word poem. The goals for these poems were to write poems that weren't the same as all our other poems. An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art.

I have grown a lot when studying poetry because my poems have gotten better and the meaning of them also. My poems used to really not have any meaning to them but now they do. My audio productions have also gotten better because I no how to record better and not to get bad audio.

spoken word
tatooe Poem

In English class we took a picture and put our haiku on it. Then In Digital Media we added music to the beginning and end and said our haiku in between the music. So it became a video


Making the the video for the haiku took a lot of time. We had to get many different musical sounds and mix them together. We also had to record our voice and make the whole file an mp3. We then had to put the mp3 file into Adobe Illustrator add the pictures to it to make the final video. I enjoyed making the music for the photo haiku project.




I am exploring the feeling of bewilderness through the experiece of change

Conceptual Art

For the Design Conceptual Art assignment we were supposed to take a picture based on the concept statement we got and then edit it in photoshop.

Since studying Photography I have learned many new and better techniques how to take photos. My photoshop skills have also gotten much better because I understand how to use most of the tools there now. My growth has been very good since coming to freestyle. I enjoy taking the pictures for these projects because they are very fun to do.


For the experimental music assignment we were supposed to make our own music and experiment around with it. The tone of my music is supposed to be kind kind of dark. The mood for my music is supposed to make people feel relaxed. The meaning of song is about a kid's life in a poor neighborhood and about the struggles they go through. I need quite a bit skill and time to write the lyrics to this songs.

The thing I did to create my experimental music was that I found a remade beat online and downloaded. Then I started to write lyrics to the songs which took three days write and wasn't easy to make everything rhyme. After having my lyrics down I recorded the hook of my song and edited into my songs perfectly in every spot that I needed to. Then I recorded the rest of my lyrics which took a lot of time because I always made a mistake when I was recording. The thing I enjoyed about this music production was to record myself in the iso booth because I enjoyed making this song.