This project was made to show our creativity in freestyle and what our minds can put inro a story and then branch out into making a comic (design class) and then also making an animation (Digital Media). In english we had to come up with a couple of ideas for a story and from there chose one and build on the idea to try and incorporate it in the other 2 classes. From there in design Mrs. P had us draw out a scene layput of how the comic would play out. From there we transfered our drawings from the paper to a poster board. Once we had the finished product we inputed it into the computer to be printed out. From all of this we could see our story, how it would look (characters, transitions, scenary) and started to draw out our animation. It was the longest and hardest of the three classes but the most worth it at the end. On the next few pages of my website you will be seeing the process and the final outcomes of the projects ive been working on. You will see screen shots of the programs and samples from the work.


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The Graphic Novel served as a starting point or the brain storming of the foundation of what i wanted my animation to portray. I wanted to go through a couple times and find a good story line.

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Its to put our story board together and get an idea how the novel will play out and if I need to change any of the scenes around. Also to show otheres how your story was made.And it contributes to the whole creation of your final project, with out it you couldnt get very far.

They all tie in to the final project. We started with brain storming a story which led to drawing it on paper then scanning onto the coputer to make the animatic. I learned how to work the programs and make short animations with Animate and also how to do special skills inside the program. The final project will be one of my highlights this year.


From English class we started making a story board. We drew small scetchs that represented little ideas for our final projects. Once we had that figured out we drew a 5x8 squares inside our notebook and started to draw our secenes in a little more detail. From there we transfered the drawings onto bigger poster board where we would enlarge the drawings and finalize them(put color / more detail). Once finished you put it in the computer program and start to outline the pictures scene by scene using the line tool and also adding the finishing touches making the final product.

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My comic is about a father and daughter that have gotten trapped inside a city, currently being overrun by zombies. The daughter soon becomes infected and the father has to make a choice to try and help his daughter or run. The main character (father) struggles to make a choice between life and death. He mourns the death of his daughter. I was trying to make the audience feel for the character and at the end feel why he is making the choice he is going to make.

I went through a couple drafts of writing and producing the story, i changed the plot line and tried to give the climax and ending a drop off leading the audience into questioning what was his final decision, Live or Die. I got my inspiration from the movie World War Z and also the series the walking dead. Through the story i try and lead people to see that things happen for a reason and you shouldn't sit and rest on the past choices and decisions you have made a they could potentially block you from seeing a brighter and straighter future.

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The animation was on of the hardest projects weve had this whole year. We had to do the most work be focused as much as we could to get the animation done, exspecially working these past few days after school.

We had to first start with scanning our beginning scenes and making them into an animatic (rough draft with small detail and no color).From there we started to make our scenes and characters with detail. From Illistrator we copied and pasted the creations into Adobe Animate and started to sniamte the characters and the items inside the scenes.


While I was thinking about what to right I was also watching the finale of The Walking Dead so i got an idea to do a zombie apocalyps in the part of california I am in. I first had the idea to do this big story with alot of action but i had to cut it down because i had to fit it in the time i had for the comic and the animtion. I wish i could of had more time and space to work on this project, i would be alot more proud and happy with my work.


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San Francisco, April 23, 2023

A new disease broke out. Not much of a disease to the people of SF. They knew the real effect on people it was having. Bringing them blood dripping from the eyes, veins in their arms bulging out so far they would burst. They were turning uncontrollable. Not only for the doctors and police task force but also for the army.

(fast forward to the south side of SF) A man named John and his daughter were packing to leave. They had gotten the news from Johns wife that a patient had gained superhuman strength and lost all skin to almost the muscle….and was attacking the hospital. They didn't know if that would be the last time they heard from her.

They were planning on going to “mama’s” 3333 house in the hill side. They didn't get far as their car had been blocked by 10’s of thousands of people having the same idea to flee the city now being closed off by the army. Bay bridge….blown up. Golden Gate Bridge...blown up. The roads otherwise leading out were all being blockaded. They had been trapped in they had no other option but to turn back and hope for the best. As they arrived back home the they were greeted by the friend of the family with some news….the wife had been killed. John turned to comfort the daughter and looked into her crying eyes. He saw blood. He didn't want to tell her, so he did not. He brought her up stairs turned on some cartoons for her and called a friend.*phone lines down* beeeeeeeep he heard as he tried to dial. From the kitchen he heard a faint growling or snarling sound like a dog. As he turned the corner to see what had been making the sound he saw his daughter, eyes completely blanked, mouth foamed up, turning...looking at him.

He slowly turned, looking at the door letting a tear run down his face, then looking back. With one swift movement he jolted for the open door her keeping up also. John barley exited and slammed the house door on his daughter's life, knowing what he had done he ran to an ally and cried. He didn’t stay for long as he heard the havoc wreaking down the streets of the virus coming closer. He quickly picked up a bat he found and bolted. One of the infected caught up to him tackling John and knocking him away from the bat. After being stunned he looked to see what had happened...it was his daughter. He had to make the choice die, or survive.

As the bat lay on the ground surrounded with blood he walked away. Finding a bench in the center of surrounding buildings he was slowly being surrounded. He had thoughts rushing through his head, fear but happy, weakness but strength. He looked around for an escape seeing a hole in a fence a few yards away he ran. Running in between bodies of soldiers and bystanders he picked up a grande. John kept running but stopped at the entrance to the hole in the fence...pulled the pin. And held on