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The Graphic Novel served as a storyboard for the animatic and animation. It set the plot and general story for both and gives you a good idea of how you want to set up the actual animation in the end.

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An animatic is basically a more in depth version of a graphic novel but also a rough draft of an animation. It’s purpose is to set the story for the animation so that you can continue and go more in depth with the actual drawings and characters.

In order to get to the final product which is the animation, we first started by writing a flash fiction which is a short story. From the flash fiction we created the graphic novel by taking the words we wrote and turning them into pictures being the actual graphic novel. We then scanned our pages into the computer and put them into an application called Animatic. In Animatic you can takes scenes and add sound effects and special effects to greater tell the story. Once the animatic is finished you can move onto the final product being the animation by taking the general story of each before and turning it into something greater. For the animation we use applications Animatic, Illustrator, and possibly Photoshop to actually animate and bring it to life. Through all of this I learned that even though you might think that animation is “not as hard as it looks” it takes many many steps to get to the final product before you even start the animating.


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-Include a paragraph or two or more about your process and inspiration in writing your Flash Fiction - perhaps include a link (that opens to a new browser tab) to some online content that you used for inspiration. -Title and complete text of Flash Fiction formatted differently than above explanation text -Embed SoundCloud interface of your Story with SFXs -Screenshot of your Pro Tools session of Story with SFXs with a caption under the screenshot

The Anti-Social Butterfly

I am tired and this wind is treating me like I don’t belong in the air. I can feel the resistance in the air pushing me in a direction I don't desire. I just want to go back home but all of my body is being thrown backwards. I give up, closing my eyes and letting the cold breeze carry me away like a surfer riding a wave. I feel so relaxed yet the air I am in feels tense. I open my eyes, and with that I find the source. I find myself in the eyes of others. I see two children each with their own definitive qualities. To my left I see a small girl with hair so big I could land on it. She also has a big pink bow clipped to one of her two ponytails. I can see the wonder in her eyes just waiting to be explored. Switching eyes, I see my reflection in a pair of glasses too big for the face. I look down and see that he is reading some kind of book that has pictures of me and my friends on it. The same sense of wonder is filling the air that we breathe. This boy has some messy hair almost like fresh fall leaves that have just fallen off of the trees. Looking into these eyes I know they are lost. Maybe they need to find each other and I should be the one to help. Maybe this is why the wind sent me to this park. I fly up about three feet just high enough for them to actually make eye contact and see each other. I can feel the panic radiating off of the girl’s body as she realizes what is happening. When I look at the boy he is only slightly panicked but more so intrigued. He closes the book and holds up his hand to wave in a way that is shy but also confident. The panic has gotten the best of the girl and I see her quickly run away towards the rusted swingset. The mood has changed. The boy’s face now resembles the shape of my wings, facing down but curved with hope. He is confused and has sad eyes but wonder still fills the air hidden somewhere in the back. He looks over and see’s how lonely she is sitting on the two swing, swingset. Looking down at the book I see his face light up and he starts to tentatively walk towards her. When he arrives at the swings, he sits down very cautiously making sure he does not frighten the girl in any way and she doesn’t leave. She continues to sit with her head down making no intention to look up at the boy. When the boy finally realizes this, he looks down at his book once more and holds it out to his side offering it to the girl. Seeing it out of the corner of her eye, she lets a little smile slip onto her face. She holds her hand out and gently grabs the other half of the book, holding it equally between each of them. I think my job is done here. The two “Anti-Social Butterflies” have now become “Social Butterflies” like myself, at least with each other.


Explain the assignment in Design class - please include details.

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Comic Illustration Artist Statement. Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.

Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.Comic Illustration Artist Statement.

Write your reflection on producing a comic ilustration. What are your thoughts about the process of creating it.