The purpose of this conceptual project was not to just turn in for a grade but express yourself. At freestyle I got to truly release myself and let my creativity flow, this project let be do so. The conceptual project was to make a website to show off all the work we have done so far and on coming projects. When I walked into class I was motivated to work on my assignments instead of ignoring them. The amount of completion was spread out evenly. For example, the poems we wrote in english, then the artwork for the poems we learned in design to use photoshop. Then finally we put it all together in a display. We learned a lot of things spread out through all of our classes then were told to put our own creativity and make a project incorporating all the skills we learned.

The other content on this website will show off my artistic abilities and skills I have learned and grown in the past 2 months in I have been in freestyle. You will get a taste of my poetry and my music preference. My art has dramatically improved because of my creativity being released. In fact a lot of my projects are heavily improving because of freestyle letting my mind wander and explore new things.

The influence from my expository essay came from my passion, beats. I love making rap beats, and freestyle has the equipment to do so. I always liked rap songs and they set the tone a mood of my day. That’s why I want to make my own, so I can change people's lives myself.


The English poems that we wrote were the Free Verse, Spoken word, and the Ekphrastic. The Free verse poem was created by picking one random action and one random feeling exploring the action. The Spoken word poem was completely on us and we could do whatever we wanted. The word ekphrastic means a greek description of a piece of art describing its imagery. The goals of each poem was to be creative as possible with following some guidelines.

The introduction of poetry was the first project that I had in a while to let me go and explore myself on a personal level. The unit influenced my other projects by letting myself go and not worry about guidelines and requirements. I enjoyed how I was not stressed about getting a grade.

Free Verse Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Ekphrastic Poem

The Haiku assignment was based on a 5,7,5 syllable poem and we had to take a picture relating the image. The image wasn’t suppose to be too obvious or too unique to a point where you couldn’t understand it. Then we put it all together using animate in digital media. All classes helped me develop the Haiku video.

The first step was to create the Haiku in English. Then we developed the Image and edited it in Design. Finally we put it all together in Digital Media.


I am exploring the feeling of Depression through Growing Up.

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The Conceptual Art assignment’s ultimate goal was to take a picture that related to one of our poems. We had a concept statement to go along with the poem and it was suppose to relate in a way were it wouldn’t be too obvious or too abstract.My on photography was significantly increased because of design because before I had no idea how to work a camera. We used the techniques of lighting, the Third rule, and angle. The third rule applies to all photographers and is suppose to not isolate the main subject in the image but to blend it in.

We have all grown out of old ways and habits. Some of them bad and some of them good. I don't think of habits as “bad”, but things we can grow and develop as we learn more about the world around us. As we grow, we try to fit in instead of being ourselves. You’re custom made, different from others, because you have something unique. My parents had a different mindset, instead they thought you had to get a job, go to work, pay rent and take care of your family. I don’t think that way. I think I can be my childish self and still please my parents, through doing what I want and being really good at it. Childhood was the best years for me and probably everyone. You didn't worry about grades or looks or anything. Those years faded away as I displayed in my Image.

The first thing that came up to me when I thought of childhood was crayons because I loved to draw and use colors in a unique way. So I put a crayon in the background to display childhood fading away as being demonstrated by the blurriness of the crayon. Next came teenage years where be go through most of our depression and anxiety. I showed this by using a pencil because it's the most common tool used as a teenager. One pencil is complete, one pencil is broken showing the transition of being depressed. I put most of the camera’s focus on to the pencils because it’s the current age group I am in right now. Finally came the pen where I represented adulthood because adults use it a lot. It’s barely fading which describes growing up. Overall I didn’t want to be too obvious or to absurd. I did this by giving each age group a representative in the photo. The lighting is suppose to give u a feel of when you come back home and do your homework under a lamp. Not to dim not to light but just the right adjustment to light up the image.

Screen shot of photoshop file on my conceptual art piece

The experimental music assignment is the best project I have worked on in freestyle so far. I love listening to beat of rap songs and making them as well so most of my influence came from the hip hop kind of beat. The beat itself is drums with another instrument syncing in the background like traditional rap songs display. The song sets the tone of a casual, chill, layback day. I used the drum pad to experiment with the beats by binding the keys to the pro tools program: Boom. It's a program where use can experiment with drums and sync them together.

The process was fairly simple but the amount of time spent was long. I change my mind a lot and can’t really decide on one thing. I went to the hip hop section of the music loops to get sample drum and other instrument sounds. The recorded most of the drums on Boom. I enjoyed the Drum pad because it let me experiment with the beats without putting them in.