The purpose of this Conceptual Project is to create an altogether project all revolving around my Conceptual statement. In each of my classes I was able to learn and put to use all these new skills I have acquired throughout the year to put together my project. In my english class I was able to write out all my Ideas and put together poems and essays with the help of Mr.Greco. In my Design class, I got many inspirations and was able to capture and edit all the pictures I wanted for my project. I had a lot of issues along the way with photoshop but Ms.Parkson was patient and loaned me a second pair of hands many times throughout the project. In my Digital Media Class Is where everything comes together putting all of the pieces of writing and pictures into an amazing project, presented on my own website. I had many problems with writing all the codes for my websites, but Mr.Flo helped many times during and after class fixing the many errors and making my website functionable. What I really enjoyed about this overall project is seeing all the little pieces of work I did coming together forming a really large and well made project that I myself couldn't possibly do without the help from all my freestyle teachers and peers.

  The Expository Essay I wrote is a insight on my passion and some background knowledge about me and my life in China. My passion is learning and understanding the art and science of talking and human interactions. This became my passion because I was fascinated by how cultural and background differences greatly impacts our way of talking and how we interact and respond to people.



  In my Poem projects I was able to create three types of poems to express my ideas and opinions Free Verse, Spoken Word, and Ekphrastic Poem. The Free verse Poem gives the the freedom of topic so I was able to talk about anything I wanted without limitations. The Spoken Word Poem was more limiting because I had to write it on the conceptual statement I got, but I had fun with it and decided to make it all rhyme creating a really well flowing piece. Ekphrastic is the word for description in Greek, however an ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly a work of art. For my ekphrastic poem I did my piece on a statue I came across on my trip to San Francisco's famous M.O.M.A or Museum Of Modern Arts. This statue is a cloud of metal bars from afar but if you look closely you can see a figure of a man inside that cloud of metal. So for my poem I wrote about the meaning of the statue to me and about the Artist Statement.



Use your imagination
Free Verse Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Ekphrastic Poem
Ekphrastic Poem

  In my Haiku assignment I was to create a haiku based on a conceptual statement that I drew from a hat. I was able to utilize the skills I learned in Digital Media to further improve the Haiku Project my creating a video presenting my Haiku on a background with a voiceover and background music. What I really enjoyed about process is giving my Haiku a voice and a background because it feels like I’m turning my thoughts into almost a tanged object instead of just an idea. And that object is a mixture of scenery, voice, and music all working together to give this project life.




I am exploring the feeling of contect through stress

Ekphrastic Poem
Ekphrastic Poem

Explain the Design Assigment in Design class. Talk about the process and application you used. talk about camera techniques that you used in the creation of your photo

The goal of my Conceptual Art assignment is to capture the perfect photo that describes my Conceptual Statement which is exploring the feeling of content through stress. For my photo I took of my laptop with a beach background because the laptop would represent the stress I feel when I do my work, and the background represents the feeling of content embedded in my work. During the creation of this photo I used the skills I learned about my camera and photoshop to create this picture. During the shoot I had trouble with the lighting the the distance because I used an Macro lens that was unable to zoom so I had to move the camera closer and it caused some issues with the lighting but I was able to overcome these obstacles.

My motivation for this piece is from my poem and what's around me, our environment in Silicon Valley a place of advancement and deadlines. “As we fill our schedules we forget to live and give ourselves a break and some awareness in our present.” In Silicon Valley we always drive ourselves forward to tomorrow, but what about today? This piece represents a reminder to give ourselves awareness and peace inside our busy schedule.

This Mac represents the work we face every day, but the display shows paradise, a place of peace. During this shoot I used a macro lense which created much difficulty in setting the distance between myself and the object. The lighting was also an issue because it reflected off the aluminum surface of the Mac glaring into the camera. During editing it was a hassle to correctly adjust the brightness and exposure of the Mac’s surface.


  For my Experimental Music I made a piece of music that reflected off the current types of music i'm listening to and the type of mood I was in while making this music. What I really enjoyed about the music section is that i'm able to express myself without much limitations besides not knowing how to play the piano very well. For example during my time on the keyboard I had an inspiration but I was unable to find some of the keys I wanted to hit even though I knew what I wanted that key to sound like. It is fustrating because I have many Ideas but I’m a drummer so I'm used to making beats and rhythms but when it comes to notes I’m clueless, but with the help of friends I was able to make the music flow to my inspiration.