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There once was a family of a married couple and their daughter. They were always close and the family always traveled around the world. One day Frank the husband suddenly wanted a divorce out of nowhere, then left the mother and daughter and moved to Sf. As the years passed the daughter grew up always wondering where her father went blaming her mother for pushing him away. The mother had no choice but to lie and say it was her fault to preserve her good memories of her father. One the daughter was walking back home alone and suddenly the idea of her dad crossed her mind. She grew sad on the way home and confronted her mother asking where her father moved to. The mother refused to tell her but she found out anyways and ran away from home in search of her father. Soon after the daughter ran away the mother grew sick, getting worse by the day and finally passed away with tears hanging on to the fact that her daughter would visit her.

Late at night the daughter received a phone call from the hospital notifying her the passing of her mother. The news crippled her dropping her instantly to the ground in tears blaming herself for her mother's death. A week later she attended the funeral but left early because she couldn't bear the thought of her mother passing away. Later that night she went to a bar and decided to drown her sorrows away bottle after bottle. She passed out that night and woke up in a stranger's bed in a stranger’s room of a stranger's apartment. She got up,peeked out the door, and saw a man who looked strangely familiar. “Dad”? She choked ? the man replied “yes rebecca it's nice to see you after all these years” “How about breakfast on sunday”? Asked the father nervously. “Sure!” she said and decided to home still processing everything that's happened. On Sunday morning they met up a local dinner where they sat across from each other both nervous. The father came with a large book in his hand and handed it to the daugher. “Its for you” he said. “What is it?” she asked with curiosity. “Open it” said the father eagerly. She flipped to the first page of the book and there on the top of the page as a picture of her mother and the description said “I will always love you frank" ~Kim


explain the assignment in design class

Text to write - write it home and paste it in on Wednesday > Write and replace this text that wraps around the graphic link about how the Graphic Novel served as the storyboard for the animatic and animation.

> Write and replace this text of a short explanation to answer this question about animatics -> What is an animatic in general and its purpose?

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Write and replace this text - a reflection on what you learned about this process and how writing the Flash Fiction, creating the Graphic Novel, and producing the Animatic relates to the final production of the Animation.


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