Welcome to my Conceptual website for Freestyle accademy. In Freestyle all of the classes we take, work together and focus on the same units. This website showcases all of my assignments from my Design class, English class, and Digital Meida class in one easy to navigate page. In English we would make different style poems and on different topics which we usually chose ourself. In Design our big project was to chose one of our previous poems from English, and create a conceptual photograph which encompases the same idea. Finally in Digital Media we put all of our assignments from the different classes together with this website. Through this unit I have learned the basics of all of the programs we will be using throught the year. We started off following exactly what my teacher, Mr. Florendo, told us to do, but as time went on we were given more loose guidlines for assignments, which to complete we were required to problem solve and think for ourselves. In English our final project for the unit wa to write an essay explaining our passion. I thought that this would be an easy topic for me, because unlike some of my peers in my class I had a very prominant passion which is cars, but it tunred out to really stretch my thinking and because of this I have new insite to my passion which I hadnt before. Artisticall this unit has shown me how to properly analize art, before this unit I never understood art which was not pleasant to look at because all I knew was if a painting looked good then I liked it. This unit was difficult, but this website is a perfect display for all of my hard work.


In my English class, to teach us to be verbally artistic, we were assigned the three different poems shown below.  Each of the poems had a different style which was set, and then we could choose the topic.  Once we wrote our poems for English class we added them to a related photo, recorded ourselves reading it, and put it up on our websites to be displayed.  Writing poems challenges my artistic abilities for I am a much more visual person than anything, and this unit tought me creative writing techniques.  For those who do not already know, an Ekphrastic poem is writen in responce to a work of art, for this we took a fieldtrip to the MOMA in San Francisco.

To represent these poems in not just writing but in a visual, and auditory way, really gives the idea behind the poem more weight for it really throws the idea in your face.

Free Verse Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Ekphrastic Poem


In English class, one of our first assignments of the unit was to make a photo haiku from a concept statement which we drew from a hat. The artist statement that I drew was “The feeling of fear through the act of playing sports”, which I created a haiku, and took a related photograph on the statement. My idea was to capture the fear of letting your team down, because all my life I have never been very good at ball sports, which makes this topic relatable to me. After the English part of the assignment, it transferred over to Digital Media where we recorded ourselves reading the haiku, added music, made a title photo, then made it into a short video.

Screen shot of animate file on my Photo Haiku.

Creating the full Photo Haiku video was a fairly simple proccess, and we only used three different softwares. We used photoshop for the actual photo haiku, and for the cover photo in the video. We then used Pro Tools to record ourselves and to create music before and after the recording. We finally finished it all up with Animate, by importing the various images and music files.



Thumbnail of conceptual art piece.
Click on image to view art

In Design class, the main project of the unit was to create a conceptual photograph representing an idea which we chose from one of our poems in English. I chose my spoken word poem, which talks about the stigmatisms of death. I am a very visually creative person, which made coming up with an idea for an image my strong suit. The whole unit in Design we learned how to use photoshop in preparation for the Conceptual project, and for the next units to come. I am excited to move into graphic design work in the future units, though this unit was helpful with the photographic side of art.

The choices I made for my photograph were the most influenced by these lines: “Before sense” and “there is no experience”. The egg in the photo represents before birth. The egg has a thought bubble which is black because it knows nothing but the inside of it’s shell. The outline of the dead body however, has a thought bubble filled with colorful abstract patterns because they already have experienced sense. This shows that death is to not be so feared, for once there is an experience, no experience does not make sense. I chose to depict after death as a crime scene because one of the most common fears is to be gruesomely murdered, though even after that it has happy thoughts.

My original idea was to be straight above the drawing and not have the image at an angle, but when I started drawing it was all in the shade, and by the time I finished the sun had moved covering only half with the shadow. I took many photos up on the ladder trying to get an angle where it would all be in the shade, or all in the sun, but that did not work. I ended up having multiple people hold up my car cover to put it all in the shade and it worked. In Photoshop I adjusted little to nothing on my photo, adding a very very slight vignette, and saturating the thought bubbles. Easily the hardest part of this process was actually taking the photo with the right lighting, in the after affects.

Screen shot of photoshop file on my conceptual art piece.

The Experimental Music was definately the assignment I struggled the most on. In Digital Meida, in this unit we learned the in and outs of the program Pro Tools, but my problem was that it was hard to recreate the idea I had, because I am not musically diverse. In music the only thing which I am good at is creating a beat, for I used to be a drummer.  At the start of this assignment, to be inspired, I started listening to music.  When I was listening to the music, I really paid attension to all the detail so I could find musical cues which I could then follow.  A couple times I tried to make beats similar to already published music, though it never turned out the way I wanted it.  I then tried another aproche, I listened to different sounds which I could use for my music.  Once I knew some different sounds Pro Tools had to offer, I made a beat in my head which used the predetermined sounds, and transfered that onto Pro Tools.

Screen shot of Pro Tools file on my Experimental Music.